To the Crown and Back

We’re pissing off the wrong people

During our travels from Civil to Saraghar I tried my hand at making some of those blueprints we found. Pretty much just the bullets. They look workable. I’m a bit worried about what they might do, but with no risk comes no reward. I want to make the light so I have a way to see in the dark, and the sword looks interesting, but I’m so rusty on actually making weapons I might want to wait awhile to try and tackle that one.

I’m kind of wishing I didn’t leave Civil, though. Everywhere we go we apparently piss someone off, and it’s not the “Get back here with my money!” pissed off that you can outrun. This is twisted pissed off. A well laid trap involving an innocent city waited us on the road. Some ass was kicking a Halfling in a bag, so we saved the Halfling. We should have juts let him be beaten. A Gohzran village had been ransacked by a group of assassins. They were brutal… I’m feeling sick writing about it. So much pointless slaughter to prove a point to us. How do you think that’s sane!? It’s all our fault, the fat one said, because we killed Terracore and stopped their plans in Frigus. The Halfling was a traitor and led us into the trap stabbing Kadzit and Taela. We’re to be followed by these guys like they’re our murderous shadows. If anyone is going to die it’s going to be them.

We made amends with the village by finding a healing shrine that wasn’t too far off. There was a puzzle/riddle in there, but the worst part was the lizard. I’ll just leave it at turning to stone is not fun. Also, I’m going to add another mark to the “Nature is stupid” tally, along with those damn dire wolves that Taela wouldn’t let us kill. Stupid druid caring more about a dumb animal than her friends.

Gohzrans are weird. They get their legs chopped off and they seem to bounce back. They’re also all led by a Pat. A freakish thing that wants you to believe it’s still human. The last one had scars, but for some reason this one just seemed so much worse. Maybe it was the carnage from earlier in the day getting to me.

I’m worried about Ranissa, Git, Skeller, and my parents. These assassins all had a black thumb like the guy that was asking about me in Civil. Kal was kind enough to give me his bird feather token so I could warn them, but I feel like that won’t be enough. I just hope they’re safe, especially after what happened to the village.

Maybe I should listen to me…

Things could be better. Kyden isn’t doing well, but he’ll survive. I succeeded in my goal goal of finding the blacksmith. We had to steal some wyvern eggs to talk to the head of the nation, named this weird dog species “George,” Sabriel flashed a bar for beer and I took her out to lunch with some shiny pebbles that they think are valuable here, flew on some birds to a mountain, my gun was destroyed and I nearly beat a gnome to death (I’d rather not talk about that one), and we created the Sootler Mountain Mining company before getting there, though. The blacksmith had and probably still has some weird enchantment on him.

Kyden was in the basement of the shop, poisoned and beaten. If not for Nemin’s giant hammer I’m pretty sure he would be dead now. We only saved him by getting an antidote for the poison off Lelarn’s dead body, which vanished shortly after with one of the Georges. I feel like we’re going to be seeing him again.

Kyden gave me an old gun, said father made it and he used to make a lot of guns in the past. An accident that crippled his made him stop. Something’s not quite right there, I’ll have to talk with mother about it because Kyden passed out before giving me too much and father will never talk of this. After years of telling me my interest in guns was pointless I find out he made them himself. I can’t really put my frustration into words about this one.

He’s healthy and recovering well, according to what I can figure out, but I can’t help but feel responsible. I was afraid that the black thumbed assassins would make this personal, that they would hurt someone I cared about. That they would attack me, try to scare me, by attacking those that I love. I was worried that I would give up, give them what they want and run away. They want me to think that’s the only way everyone will be safe.

But these people, no, not people. That’s saying too much for them. These demons, they made a mistake by making it personal. The only way to make sure everyone is safe is to stop them, to make them run. What is it that they say? “Demons run when a good man goes to war.”

War, what is it good for?

We traversed the mountain using the fancy elevator and found some disturbing stuff. The bottom levels were flooded, so we had to fix that, which had to involve me getting attached by this squid beast-thing. That wasn’t pleasant, to say the least.

What we found below was very surprising. A brewery near the base of the mountain, guarded by minotaurs who had no idea what was going on inside, led to a fight with the minotaur inside. He had a construct with him that the blacksmith later commented on being made of metals they mined in the mountain. He did look an awful lot like all those pieces we saw earlier. Taela, Kal, and Nemin figured out the beer was laced with something. Lapis weed, I think. Apparently it makes you dumb, but the people around here don’t seem too bright to begin with, so I’m not sure how much of a change it would create. During the fight I used one of the crystal bullets Nemin helped me make. It had some power to it, but it felt like my life force was being pulled out of me. Those should only be used in extreme circumstances.

At the bottom of the elevator was a complex of computers and one giant crystal. The consoles listed off some sort of plan to make the people of Saraghar more agreeable to illegal mining, but the machine’s power didn’t reach the city appropriately. Well, it said that before I accidentally deleted everything. After listening to some of the recordings Kyden and the Blacksmith entered the room, shouting things about us meddling and threatening us. Then Kal started attacking us. He mentioned a demon or something along those lines stealing his body while he was trapped in the giant crystal we found. I’m really starting to think we need to step away from these crystals after the whole bullet thing now too. If I recall correctly, demons are generated when a crystal is pulled out of someone evil.

Answer to previous question: Nothing

So we rushed to the city that I can’t spell, nor do I remember the name of it and found it deserted. The few people that were there pointed us towards the sacred battle grounds, which is where we went. We split up to talk Vimack and Daveth down from fighting. Kal was doing some good convincing Daveth to stand down before mentioning Acqua, which apparently is the attack command in weird dog George language. I had to give him the rest of the run down, which caused the George in the room to vanish. Daveth seemed to become a different person when battle broke out.

The Georges attacked in force, but we managed to squeak by. The big one that we saw kill our guild contact, Tomac? was guarding a cave. It claimed how it wasn’t allied with the other beasts but it was still evil (in fancier words, of course). We… Kal showed it what was up. Stabbed it with an electrical sword and it dropped. All was good and we saved the day and stuff.

Managed to talk to Vimack about that weird guy that was eyeballing me when we first talked to him. He’s an Ifrit and his father works in the weapons business, selling to whomever is buying. Not too sure that I’m a fan of that kind of company…

The blacksmith is making me some new armor from the wyvern scales we managed to get off the beast. Finally something good will come from that stupid monster… If you ignore the whole egg giving us a meeting with Vimack thing… I’m looking forward to Civil.

So that just happened

26 days on the road is a long time. Every time it seems to get just a little bit longer. This trip back Nemin and I tried our hand at one of the blue print we found back in Shadowspar. I wanted the light so I wouldn’t have to depend on Taela and Kal when we walk into pitch black like is so very common these days. 4 weeks of work and it’s still not done. These things are crazy complicated.

As we neared the city we were met by a messenger who said the corruption had decommissioned a large crystal in one of the power plants. Water treatment was failing, hospitals were losing power, all in all not a good situation. Just when I started to think the Corruption may be onto something they go an become asses again. Anyway, the city needed us to go into some quarantined ruins, because that sounds like a great idea, to pick up some replacement crystals.

Inside, after turning on some lights, I figured out why this place was quarantined. There were fun little sacks hanging from the ceiling filled with… things. Tentacle-y things. We killed them and found this guy in one of their cocoons. He only spoke poor elvish and a language that only Nemin understood after drinking a potion. Said he lived here and the monsters were wiping everyone out last he remembered, the blueprints were his job, and his family was a pile of bones. Just how old is this guy?

After getting the crystal we rushed into the city to be greeted by Richard the Dragonheart, asshole extraordinaire. The first thing he said to us in person was pretty much “I say jump, you ask how high.” As much as I would have loved to have a shouting match with him we had lives to save, so we tabled it for a later date that I’m not sure is going to happen anymore. We careened through a warehouse laden with traps and villains to put the replacement crystal in place. I find it hard to believe that this was a spur of the moment thing after I got shot with arrows, electrocuted, and set on fire while trying to keep the cart from being destroyed. It was not fun.

At the end of our one cart chase we encountered the Corruption trying to defend the location it was to be placed. They went down with a little effort, but I’m more concerned with “you’re with us or against us” mentality that both sides seem to have. It’s either depend on the crystals that we know spawn demons or get rid of the crystals and destroy everyone’s way of life. Did I mention that THEY KNOW THE CRYSTALS SPAWN DEMONS!? It’s cool, we’ve got ancient wards in place that if they fail everyone’s DOOMED and we only have ideas of how to maintain and fix them, but right now we’ve got it in check. The people in charge of this city are so stupid. After what Richard called an “interrogation” (read: savage beating) we found that this crystal was a distraction. Off to the next location!

This one, which is a known demon next, is locked by a fancy door. To unlock it you put shards in the scepter of a wizard, crown of a king, eye of a celestial, and the heart of a dragon. Not too sure if that carries over to the other doors. Inside were two Corruption members who turned out to not be idiots. I feel like I shouldn’t find that as surprising as I do, but thus far these two are the exception. The room was filled with demons, including Sabriel’s step mother Naobi… I really wish that was a joke like you would call a mother-in-law a demon because you don’t like her, but no, she’s actually a demon. She ran, we killed some demons then had an entertaining discussion as to why murder of people is generally wrong, not that Richard Dragonfart would understand. He’s got his head too far up his ass to realize that slaughter and torture aren’t good things, but that comes with what you’re looking at your own shit every day.

Long story short, we’re still a part of the guild but they’re not going to be giving us jobs anymore. Not really sure how that actually works, but I’m a bit too tired to figure it out right now. We saved the city, made an enemy of a jackass, and possibly found some allies in the Corruption. All in all I would call that a good end of a trip.

To the Crown and Back

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