Quest Board

Here is a list of your current quests and some past quests you have already completed. If you have a personal quest you want to include on here, please go ahead.

Current Missions

  • Find Niobi and stop her scheme. Also kill her for Bruce!
  • Kaldur’ahm wants to build up a crew to man a sailing ship and take down the demons that are infesting Auqua. Doing so, Kal would like to meet with the Pirate Queen Grace and have some answers from her.
  • The group wants to finds and bring down the King Pin of the Syndicate.
  • The Shadowcasters have made enemies of the team, who want to put an end to the assassin group. Rhet has called dibs on shooting the Ninja a second and final time.
  • Rhethorm is on a constant quest to find more information about the ancient technology and how it could be used to create non-crystal technologies.
  • Auqua. All of Auqua. Finding the four constructs Dex built in his Laboratory (easy task as they can shapechange to look like anything). Dealing with the demons. Dealing with the Syndicate (Kal has dibs on the Blood Baron). Somehow dealing with the social issues between the Auquan people and the pirates and the Gozreh people (having them put a side their differences even for a short amount of time to aid against the Syndicate seems like a good plan).
  • Personal Quest (Kal): Find his mother and yell. So much yelling at her dealing with Kal’s “father” and his brother (don’t think I’ve forgotten what happened to him) also the whole helping the Syndicate and creating stuff for them. All of the yelling. Just all of it.

Completed Missions

  • Unravel the mystery surrounding the new beasts that have taken up residence in the mountain and the town.
  • The group needs to resolve the issues between the leaders in Saraghar.
  • Clear the sewers in Civil of cultists
  • Save Natatie
  • Search the ShadowSpar Ruins
  • Find the cause of the cult and then dismantle it
  • Find and defeat Terracore
  • Save ShadowSpar from the Army of the Syndicate
  • Rhet is on a hunt to find out who created the pistol he found in Shadowspar Ruins.
  • Rhet’s brother, Kydin, is doing an apprenticeship in Saraghar. Rhet would like to talk to him while in the region.

Quest Board

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