Frozen Ruins and Necromancers

Mission Numero Uno

After waiting what seemed like forever I finally got the message that I could be seen at the guild hall. The room was filled with less than desirables, but I don’t think that I could really expect more. I’m not really the greatest guy out there. The group I was called in with (no one knows how to pronounce my name, apparently). It would appear I’m going to be travelling with a dwarf tank, a convict with a wolf, someone dressed like a ninja, a pirate, and someone that actually seems like she might be normal. She’s actually kinda cute. I’m not sure who would let a convict have a wolf, but people are crazy, and who the hell actually dresses like a ninja in the middle of the day? Aren’t they supposed to blend in, not stand out like a sore thumb?

We delved into the the sewers looking for some cultists, only to kill more rats than I would have thought lived in the city. As rag tag a group we seem, everyone seems to be able to hold themselves in a fight. Most everyone seems to be willing to work together, at least when things get crazy. While digging through the ruins I found a bag filled with some random trinkets, a tree, a bird, a fan, and a boat. I gave the magic pirate the boat because he really wanted it and I gave the convict the tree, because who would want to grow a tree? She seemed to like it, so I don’t really care. The magic pirate couldn’t figure out what the fan and the bird did. Inside the next room were some used charm person scrolls.

The next room was filled with living stalagmites (they might hang from the ceiling, but they don’t.) It was your typical slaughter everything kind of fight. I think there’s something wrong with my pistol. I only hit one of four shots, and I think I need to invest in some earplugs. The pistol is really loud in these caves. We finished up with a creeper, who apparently is aptly named. It stripped a bunch of dead people of their clothing.

We searched the area. I found more gold, failed to hide it, so I decided to divvy it up among the group. We stood in front of an iron door and the ranger thoughtfully tried to open it. I found it quite amusing when she got shocked. After several attempts the ninja finally disabled the trap. You would think she’d be better at this kind of stuff. The next room contained the cultists. I don’t think I should be sneaking any more. They spotted me as I went towards the door on the other side. After some witty banter they opened fire, it was totally uncalled for.

It was a tough fight, I think the ninja pissed off a flesh golem. Why the hell did they have a flesh golem? I’m pretty sure the only reason we survived was because they were really shitty shots. Getting to the cultists was a pain in the ass, but they fell pretty easily once we go up onto their “dais.” The leader was kind of a jerk and gave up once we got into his face. He feigned ignorance, saying the last thing he remembered was being in a bar in Frigus. He pulled out scrolls upon scrolls that the magic pirate said had something to do with the monster that the ninja and the dwarf mentioned.

We convinced the priest that we would vouch for him. The ninja suggested we torture the group to get more information. That’s definitely not good. I really need to keep my eye on her. The convict, who I was beginning to like, was agreeing with her. We gave up on the idea of torture while looking into the lab that was nearby. It was a pretty gruesome sight, exploded bodies and blood everywhere. I’ve never seen that much blood before, it was actually kind of hard to keep my lunch down. We found a lot of potions, a lot of weapons, and one elf that was still alive. She passed out after a couple of minutes of talking. One of the potions was giant and said “Exit” and would teleport us to a predetermined location. It’s probably better off that we don’t try that just yet. I successfully disabled (read: flipped the on off switch) the trap on the door and we met Dormont and a lot of engineers. Apparently we were clearing the way for these engineers.

Shenanigans Round TWO!

A few days passed and we met with Cedric again. He said that the cleric, Maddick, was a failed student who apparently kidnapped the elf. Sucks to be him that “our” ruse was spoiled. The guy tried to kill us, he gets what he deserves. Kal seems to have become attached to the young elf, which is kind of creepy, but to each his own. Now we’re supposed to find out where this “Gibbering Mouther” came from the cult. I prefer flesh golem, but now we’re travelling to Frigus to continue hunting the cult. The convict asked about her papers again… Soon we’ll be headed to Shadowspire Academy via carriage. I am not looking forward to riding with a wolf for two weeks.

Our trip to Frost Reach checkpoint was rather dull. Nothing too exciting, just your typical conversations. The wolf was rather tame, but the battle for the elf girl’s soul was kind of entertaining. I’m not too sure how I feel about the driver, Bruce. He seemed nice enough but was a little bit too into chocolate cake and he was way too forthcoming about why he has syphilis. I really didn’t want to know that a middle aged, balding taxi man gets around a lot. I think not talking to him after that evening was probably a good idea. The checkpoint wasn’t too exciting, An inn with decent food, a bazaar, a pharmacy, and an armory. The most interesting thing that I came across was a cart that wasn’t pulled by horses, but by an engine. The man got the blueprints for the engine when he went into the Shadowspar Ruins. Used to be able go there all the time until the local authorities stopped him for “confidential reasons.” He sold me some tools for an Engineer’s Kit.

Apparently there are some vegetable midgets attacking the checkpoint on a nightly basis. They seem to be with some pirates from Auqua that call themselves the Disciples of Gozrah. The convict volunteered us for the night watch. Uneventful night until the vegetable midgets showed up. My bullets went through their bodies like they were plants… I don’t think I thought that one through. I think the vegetable midgets were just a distraction. Some flying things were stealing crystals from the carts. The pirate, dwarf, and ninja said there was this really beefy pirate. He looked like the dwarf crushed it with a giant hammer. The dwarf was also giant, which was kind of weird.

I think I need to be more careful with some of my cons. One of the men mention Zevor Estorvold, which I guess shouldn’t be too surprising since we’re headed toward Frigus, but I don’t like that people outside of Civil are recognizing me as one of my aliases. It’s more concerning that it’s someone that I don’t recognize saying it.

We ran after the last imp thing into Sylvan territory where talking trees told us to walk into the river. When Nemin walked into the water spores shot out of the water to which everyone took as an attack. They were right; there were some goblins and a giant mushroom on the other side of the river that was a total dick and mind controlled Nemin and forced him to swing at me with his hammer. That dwarf friggin’ hurts. I’m pretty sure I have a broken rib cage or something. Despite everyone not agreeing with me that we should retreat to the fort we delve deeper into the forest.

I. Hate. Forests.

We wandered into the forests laden with with mushroom minefields. I hate mushrooms. I hate forests. The ninja thinks she’s all awesome because she knew which way to go but she was just following the convict. The stupid mushroom forest. I’m pretty sure those mushrooms messed with my head and I feel a little weak…

We found a fort built to Gozrah. The ninja tried to scout the area but was seen at the main gate. She bolted and made her way back to our bushes. Kal really doesn’t like these pirates and he sounds like he has a really good reason for it. Before the ninja got back the convict, the ranger, and our new-comer went into the fortress. We tried to sneak around the fort and the dwarf was seen. He claimed that he was looking for his companions who probably went into the fort. The pirate was found out next. They didn’t believe his lies anywhere near as much.

The ninja snuck up to one of the gates with a sleeping old man and dog. When she looked like she was going to stab the dog I ran at her, stumbling in my anger and missing her barely. After I fell to the ground Natalie burst from the bushes and tackled the ninja. She slashed at Natalie, rendering her unconscious, to which I pulled out my gun and shot her, waking up the guard and alerting the rest of the city. We were led into prison without weapons and no real way of escape. That’s all kind of expected, though. While in the jail we found a spy and we outed him. Soon after we were summoned to the alter of the Master Chief.

She/he/it was really friggin’ creepy. It offered us membership into the cult of Gozrah at the cost of our guild membership. Everyone seemed liked they were pretty keen on the idea, but I was having nothing of it. They were kind enough to give us items from their armory and let us stay the night. My mind didn’t feel as clouded in the morning, but I still felt kind of weak. We were escorted back to Frost Reach where we quickly dashed the hopes of everyone. They were kind enough to give us 50 gold for hunting down the fort.

We hung around for a short while before heading out to Shadowspar Academy. I get to play with the dwarf’s armor for the next two weeks so he can have space for his new arm…

Onward, to Shadowspar!

So we rolled into the Shadowspar and Natalie went all “I’m gonna get kidnapped again!” and disguised herself. While that was happening we got pulled over into an alley by a Gohzrah flasher. He offered us (well, the magic man) shinies for taking down the barrier to the academy. I was pretty sure I was going to have to shoot someone to stop that crap from happening. It seems like four of our party are going to be joining this magic tournament that’s going on. Hopefully people are going to be going at it each other with spells, which would be awesome.

I asked about the Shadowspar ruins, which are about 3 or 4 miles south of the academy. There used to be classes on constructs made from crystals in them, but Civil came in and locked it up for some reason. None of the students seemed to know why, though. I really want to go there so I can find blue prints like that guy with the engine. The operatives, who look like thugs and carry weapons of metal (dicks) that are locking down the ruins have been seen at the academy heading towards the teacher’s quarters, but the student’s friends waved it off as a conspiracy.

When I showed up at the teacher’s quarters, the ninja, druid, and the rest were failing to get into the quarters. I told the clerk that I was from the ruins and he let me in. I was confronted by one of ten guards that was standing in front of the door that said Khazamir. I got the fact that they’re trying to rig the competition and they’ll be short handed during the competition. I have to remember to say that I’m with Donnie to “help” while they’re short staffed.

The following day was an interesting one. Kal, the convict, the elf girl from Frigus and Natalie went off on their battle royale while Nemin, the ninja, Sabriel and I went to “help” the goons. I wasn’t too surprised when one of the guards insulted the ones that had been there the day before, they were pretty dumb. We ended up “throwing” fisticuffs and managed to beat the four of them down before getting into Khazamir’s room. Man is kind of a total jerk. We save his ass from being held captive and he yells at us. Before we could get much information out of him the magic-y folk showed up with some high ruler person. She didn’t seem pleased with Khazamir being who he really was. Now we’re on a mission to Shadowspar Ruins (sweet) to clear his name. I just want to play with all the little toys down there.

Ruins are much better than forests

So after the tournament and the fight for Khazamir we headed to Shadowspar ruins to clear the old man’s name. At the entrance of the ruins we came across two familiar faces. The two guards at the front door were the same mercenaries from the sewers. Somehow they managed to convince us not to kill them and they tagged along for a bit before the ninja wandered off with them and they were never seen again. Serves ‘em right. They were from that weird cult that likes to destroy crystals with black daggers. While I don’t necessarily disagree that crystals are bad, they are really useful.

These ruins are full of traps and goodies. I’ve spent as much time as I can between battles and travels studying the ancient technology and language. I think I’ve gotten a pretty good hold of everything, but man do I hate these robots. Knock ’em down and they explode on your face unless you disable them. It was pretty funny seeing Kal fall into that hole while I balanced on some halberds that Sabriel made into a bridge. Interesting concept that seemed to work well enough until the robot fell on it.

We wandered onto what appeared to be a camp of the people we were hunting down. One of them mentioned Sabriel’s mother? I don’t remember, I was too busy digging through boxes trying to find new shinies but came up with nothing. I did find out that the convict is racist. I need to get together with Git and introduce them. She flipped at the gnome, so what will she do when one as annoying as Git won’t leave her alone? And a note to self: talk in gnomish as much as possible.

The following day we were quick to get up and keep moving. We found some healing tubes that I would have liked to look at, but the healing portion, AKA the portion that mattered, was a little out of my league. Also, these robots totally suck. I mean they’re really awesome to see in action but they SET ME ON FIRE. Who the hell walks around with a damn flame thrower? Whoever built these is an ass. Wonder what he could show me.

Our fun with robots was cut short by the giant ice elemental and his little minions. I’m pretty sure we’d be in a frozen stomach right now if it weren’t for the wizard that we picked up at that outpost on our way here. Makes me wish I could shoot fire from my hands, but then I remember that gun is the best spell.

Past the ice elementals was a giant as Duergar that Nemin made short work of. He also got a little follower named Pebble. Little guy is hilarious. He worships the dwarf and drives Kal insane by not following any of the gods I can think of. Who knew you could generate divine power through blind faith? I always guessed it, but never saw it happen before. The duergar was guarding some prisoners that we managed to free. A couple of dwarves mentioned a machine, but wouldn’t really go in on the details, but it seemed we were close. Kal was being swayed by another pretty face like the fool he is. We also met the gnome’s wife. She was an elf. Seeing Taela squirm when I talked to her in gnomish was priceless.

Next was the daring battle on the catwalks of what appeared to be a factory. Nemin cleaned up shop yet again which his giant hammer. The guy turned on some machine and it looked like robots pumped out down stairs. I managed to turn off the machine and strip him of his guns. They’re really nice craftsmanship and I will take pleasure in using them to thwart his plans.

For the next fight I’m just going to say these three things. Necromancers are bitches, robots, while awesome, are also bitches, and I now have a fear of heights. Rope ladders with release switches… Who the hell does that kind of crap!?

Forgoing almost falling to my death the ruins were really awesome. We came out with some power crystals, I have 4 blueprints for things to tinker with, and I have some ideas on a robot friend. Too bad I couldn’t think about much of it because we had to rush to save Shadowspar. Frankly I feel like an army of robots and undead shouldn’t be an issue for a city of wizards.

Brand new toys!

So we went to war with robots, undead, and demons. I’m not really sure what everyone else was doing, but my mercenaries and I were dropping robots left and right. We even got to drop some mines on an invading force. Watching them go boom was pretty hilarious. I even managed to get a little robot friend to follow me around for awhile. Too bad it dropped when we took out the necromancer bitch. I’ll see what I can do about getting it up an running again. We do have quite a few crystals laying around…

Some Things Never Change

Being back in Civil wasn’t everything I had hoped for. Ranissa, Git, and Skeller we a sight for sore eyes. They made me realize just how long I had been gone, but that just made it all the better. It’s always good to see friendly faces that will share in your triumph. I’m a bit worried that we may be attracting the wrong kind of attention. Ranissa mentioned a guild detective, but I would think that Cedric would inform us of any guild news…

My family was another story. Mother was quite happy to see me. She always is after I come back after vanishing for awhile. Father was… father. I save a damn city from an army of robots and undead and what do I get? “Don’t ruin this shop’s name with your antics.” I’ve done more for the family name in the past few months then he’s done his entire life. Kydin’s off in Saraghar being the better son, according to him. I’ll show him.

..As luck would have it we’re headed to Saraghar next. Guess I’ll have to give Kydin a visit while we’re out there.

Frozen Ruins and Necromancers

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