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Frozen Ruins and Necromancers

To the Crown and Back

The Bowels of Civil

City in the Sky and Demons on the Oceans

The Floating Death Trap

We picked up some interesting crystals under the Baron’s manner. We wanted to figure out what the deal was with them so we went to Avant to figure out what was going on with them. There’s some sort of weird customs thing determining the weight of everyone on the floating island.We birded our way up there and went to investigating. Meela thought it would be a good idea to talk to her family as a place to start. That turned out to be a horrible idea. While Kal, Nemin, and I were out investigating Meela showed the black crystal to her butler, who turned out to be some assassin with an interesting collection of pictures of gnomes. He raised the alarm because bringing a power draining crystal to a city kept afloat by crystals that they know are failing and don’t know how to fix (read: death trap) isn’t a great idea.

While we were trying to avoid getting thrown off the island we made our way to the inner sanctum. It was a giant library under the most well guarded building in the city. We encountered some image projection that seemed to have all the answers but wouldn’t give any of them. He warned us of the turmoil that was going on in Aqua and asked us to go on a little mission for him. He wanted us to find his creations, which are essentially robots that he built forever ago. As much as I wanted to ask more we were forced to flee as the guards realized where we were.

Much Ado About Pirates

So after the weird image person teleported us to a random location in Silva we made our way to Aqua. We first found a pirate city where Kal made some sort of display about not liking Grace in a bar and other stuff happened. I wasn’t paying too much attention, I was still trying to piece together image-man’s words. I’m pretty sure I still don’t know what most of them meant. We made a sort of truce with the pirates and proved our worth by sacking a Saraghar ship. We then set sail for a small town on the coast that was controlled by the Syndicate. Hopefully we’ll be able to hit them where it hurts.

Starting a Revolution

This place is a crap hole and I’m pretty sure that the people living here know it. The people in charge are pretty much giant assholes that are draining the people for everything they’re worth. It didn’t take too much to get them riled up and want to kick the syndicate out, but it did take longer than I’d like. We’ve been here for two months, orchestrating and commanding. Why do people trust me with this? I’m not a leader, but it seems like everyone expects me to be one. Kal’s helping, and so is Meela to an extent, but I can’t shake the feeling that we’re in over our heads. Looking back, I think that’s the state we’ve been in this entire time…

After taking the town we headed to some caves nearby. A couple of fortune hunters made their way in saying that they were with us. We kind of forced them to come along with us as punishment for that. In this cave we found Septimus, the seventh of the robots. He didn’t look too hot and asked us a favor. We were to go into the demon nest that we were right outside and get his “brother’s” power core. It didn’t seem like a horrible thing to do since we were going to explore it anyway. Other than the life sucking traps that killed one of the treasure hunters and the giant worm monsters that killed the other and the giant horde of demons swarming around the power core, it wasn’t too bad a trip. While running for our lives Olivia triggered a trap and vanished. We didn’t have too much time to figure out where she went, so we just kept running. Luckily she was knocking at the door a few minutes later, completely unscathed.

Completely unscathed because’s she’s probably part demon, so there’s that fun going on.

Septimus took the power core that we grabbed and drained it of this strange fluid that was in it. Whatever it was Nemin and I want some. It fixed him up almost immediately. He pulled an aqua crystal from it and was willing to discard the rest, which I took to try to learn from. It’s got a black crystal in it, which he said is used to pull power from the other crystals in small amounts. When used correctly it can be much more powerful than our current technologies of using the heat of the crystals. While better than our current situation, knowing where crystals come from makes them something that we can’t keep using.

Septimus also made two magical pacts with members of the party. He doesn’t trust Meela with Charles Jr. and doesn’t trust Kal to keep an eye on her. I don’t trust him. He’s watching my friends like they’re going to cause the end of the world, he consumes the souls of his brothers to empower himself, and he’s been around for far too long. If I’ve learned anything from Civil it’s that people, and most likely robots, will do a lot to maintain power.

The Syndicate Stronghold

Finally, we’re making an actual move on the Sydicate. Weeks of planning and strategizing we’re able to move on the town. Nicholas Trader is here leading the city. I’m not looking forward to facing him again, but hopefully we’ll be able to put him down for good this time… Well, here goes nothing.

Rhet's Journal

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