Dirty Little Secrets

Well that was a tad bit awkward

It was almost a completely uneventful journey to Civil. Almost. With only a day of travel left, we received a message from the guild offices. Unrest in Civil escalated and the corruption took out one of the generators. People are going untreated in hospitals, sewage was in the streets, and everywhere there are casualties. All because of those terrorists in the corruption. They do not care about how their actions hurt innocents. The short term solution was to go to some quarantined ruins and get another crystal that could be used. We were given no warning as to what had caused these ruins to be shut.

Inside the ceiling was lined with cocoons filled with tentacle beasts. We turned on the lights, which after a time woke these beasts. After dispatching them, we found one cocoon that was uncracked. My initial thought was to destroy it, but after some work we got it down, intact. Inside was a man whose only understandable language was very broken elvish, not a language that I understand. But we did find some things out from him:

  • He lived there before the beasts attacked his home
  • He says that he’s human, but then that he’s 300 YEARS old
  • He can command the mechs (except for the broken one that was running around. The ones outside were the lawn “help”)
  • His family is little more than a pile of brittle bones
  • He makes blueprints for a living
  • His clothes are made of crystal tech, seemingly made out of crystals themselves
  • …And I’m about 99% sure he’s an ancient.

How and why the creatures didn’t eat him is beyond me. He has agreed to come with us, though we are going to try to keep his origins secret. If he is what I think he is, there’s a lot of people who will want to use him, or murder him.

Mr. Bossypants can kiss my ass

I do not like having my choices taken away from me. I know that I’m not a part of the group officially through their guild, and now I really don’t want to be, officially that is. After we hurried to get to the power plant some guy that no one had met started to threaten all of us to do this, go there, kill those people, save some people for me to torture, do as I say! I really do not like Richard Tarski. It will be too soon when I have to see him again. Our people busted ass to get the replacement crystal to the site and to clear the place of the Corruption, and we even took prisoners. They call him the “dragon heart” but I think that name is too kind. He has no heart, and at least some dragons are nice. So he tortures information out of the highest ranking leader of the corruption there, which really made me uncomfortable. But I’ve never been to Civil before, I don’t know if this is normal or acceptable.

We traveled the sewers to the super secret main power source, a location that Bruce of all people had never heard of. He gets around, so this started to get very ominous. But turns out that the crystal is barely smaller than the one in Shadowspar and larger than the one under the Top of the World. And warded in the middle of a demon nest. Did I fail to mention that part? Well we get there and Richard takes off after a guy that was searching for something. Inside is a spinning room, and perched on top of the crystal is a succubus, evidently Sabriel’s stepmom. This takes the evil stepmother story to a whole new level. We got split up pretty quickly and at first nothing seemed to be stopping these demons. We were putting the blue crystals back into their slots to reinforce the wards and keep the demon horde at bay and barely scratching these guys. Luckily for us all Kal ran into and talked down another guy who knew how to hurt these guys with cold steel. He convinced this guy to help us and stop trying to destroy the crystals. It was only with Bernard’s help that we stopped the demons from removing any more wards. I hated not being able to do anything, the first thing that I’m doing after all of this is converting some of this cold steel scrap into a rapier for me to use properly. But back to the story, the other guy, Bernard’s twin, came running in with Richard close behind. With all that we have learned about the crystals and their origin, it is understandable that we don’t like the crystals, but the Corruption’s methods are too harsh, just like Richard’s. In the end we tried to convince them to talk to eachother, but it was useless. Richard refuses to compromise, and the borthers do not think that there can be another way. Barnard seemed open to a discussion with us at least, but didn’t seem to like that we wouldn’t go with him. They escaped through some magical means, and Richard vowed that we would not get any assignments from the guild. Just as well for now.

For now we need to rest up, and after that I will help Taela with finding herbs and plants to bring to the druids just outside the city to pay for our healing of the diseases that the demons gave most of us. I have someone working on the rapiers since I had enough cold steel for two and extra for payment. Other than that when we are not helping Rhet and Sabriel’s families I plan on taking odd jobs and listening for any mention of suspicious activity, the Syndicate and the Shadowcasters. And I don’t want to have to see Mr. Bossypants Tarski.

Dirty Little Secrets

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