Long Over Due

The Group went to Frigus to investigate the Cult and find out their true intensions. You arrive in a small outpost where you were assaulted by a group known as the Disciples of Gozrah who follow a person named the Guardian Angel. You followed the Disciples back to their fortress where you met with their leader Sam and learned that they were not as bad as you thought, but they are not to be completely trusted. You make your way to the ShadowSpar academy to participate in the festival while you storm the room of one of the teachers involved with the cult. It turns out that the Cult is the Mafia and they are using highly illegal magic to extract refractor crystals from bodies. You follow the Mafia back to their lair in the Shadowspar Ruins where you uncover a plot to reactivate the machines in the ruins to mass produce war mechs to march on the City. You successfully navigate the ruins and return to Shadowspar to warn Adrie Shava, the representative of Frigus, about the impending doom heading their way. Your group bands together to take on the army and successfully defeat the mechs and their leader Terracore, a member of the shadow casters.

You return to Civil after a party and some well earned rest to hear about another event that needs your attention. The leader and representative of Saraghar, Vimak Mountianrunner has declared war on his long time friend and partner, Davith Nightwalker. You have been tasked to find the cause of the dispute and settle their disagreements. On your trip to Saraghar you were assaulted by a group of brigands who you learn to be agents of the Shadow Casters, a group of assassins who have been hired by the mafia to hinder and hurt you group and anyone associated with you. As a result, a Gozrah settlement was nearly raised, until you stepped in and saved the day. After your detour to the camp you finally arrive in the capital City of Oo’Talah where to meet with Vimack you need to participate in the Hunt. You spend some time gathering information to learn about the whereabouts of a wyvern that needs to be taken care of. You swoop in and kill the wyvern and take its egg back to the city. You meet with Vimak and learn about a weird creature that the Saraghar have taken in and have been training. The Beasts seem to have a negative effect on the inhabitants, but only your group seems to notice. Before you leave, the guild representative Tomic was brutally assaulted by one of the beasts, contrary to the belief that the beasts were tame.

You go to the Worlds Crown, the tallest peak on the continent to investigate the appearance of the beasts. You find the legendary black smith Reldef, who promptly attacks you. You are able to subdue him and his apprentices with little bloodshed. Also during the battle you are assaulted by Lalaren, a member of the Shadow Casters and one of the people from the Gozrah village. The unpopular ninja also went rogue on the group and left. Little is known of her true intentions. You continue to investigate the ruins to find a nursery full of baby beasts. You quickly dispatch the babies and continue to explore…


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