Strange Company in Saraghar

Within a strange mountain with even stranger circumstances

My week has been pretty terrible so far. Finally I had tracked that blonde bitch and her associates to the World’s Crown in Saraghar, only to be waylaid outside and taken prisoner. There was only so much I could do, as I was traveling alone. I was taken into the mountain and tied up with other prisoners. At first there were 7 others, however after approximately a day the baby monsters had devoured all but two others and myself. One appeared to be a priest, the other looked like no one of any importance and not capable of anything useful. Luckily for me none of my weapons were taken off of me. No one who I was tied up with were fighters, and I was getting desperate. Just as I was about to cut my bonds and a wrist dagger I heard combat in the hallway. The guardian of the monsters looked agitated at this, so I held any movement.

When the doors burst open in rushed one of the oddest groups that I have ever seen. I must say that some of them did not hesitate to attack the monsters in the room. The human ranger Sabriel and the alchemist Nemin in particular were dealing much damage, and the druid Taela was determined to take down the monsters. Though when I attempted to assist, the pirate threatened me. What kind of person would deny assistance to destroy these monsters? He is by far the rudest member of this group.

After verifying that none of these people were members of the Shadowcasters, I asked Taela to join the group. It seemed that we had common enemies, and I did not wish to travel alone just yet. Evidently my information was valid that there were assassins within the mountain, as one was killed at the blacksmith’s. The bottom room that the elevator went to contained a secret room in which was a crystal powered machine. This machine seemed to house a demon that would posses an individual, whose soul was then transferred to the crystal. Sounds evil to be, but are all of the crystals used like this? Or was this just one just the tool of the demon? We have not figured out that the beer being brewed here contains a plant to make those drinking it take wisdom damage, effectively reducing the entire nation to little more than drooling idiots, its leaders included. That combined with the man-bear-george-monkey-hands controlling the people, its no wonder there is about to be a civil war. And now we have to stop it. Not my mission, however I do not like the actual perpetrators of this, and war is bad. I do not know how the Shadowcasters fit into all of this. I will have to find out…

A war with beasts

A lot has happened since the last journal. We rested and then traveled overnight to the city to meet with Davith and Vmack. We had convinced the blacksmith to join us, as he was an unwilling pawn in these demons’ plan. When we got there the morning of the war, the streets were deserted; the wardens had already assembled at the battlefield the night before. We hurried there and split to try to convince the former friends to stand down, that the real enemy was not each other. I was with the pirate Kal, the gunslinger Rhet, and the wizard Kadzit. We had at least left him with some doubt, though initially his large man-bear-george-monkey-hands was preventing anything from getting through, even when I told him about them feeding humans to their young. When at last we were at the end and we thought that we had failed, the man-bear-george vanished, and Davith’s eyes became clear, probably for the first time in months.

At that moment the georges all across both assembled armies turned on the wardens. Many were taken by surprise, and the losses to the armies were staggering in those first few seconds. Davith and Vmack each led men against their respective larger georges, while we were charged with saving as many wardens as we could and securing sections of the battlefield. Nemin singlehandedly held some fortifications until everyone else was done with their areas and could assist him. Kal managed to shut down the portals that would have allowed more of the georges to come through. Sabriel and Rhet had to at least find all of the traps in a different area that the georges had set to try eliminate more wardens. Taela and I kept the beacons lit. I was not at my best, and I’m ashamed to admit that killing one of the georges took longer than anticipated. Taela kept the other busy by relighting the fires that it kept trying to put out. I’ll admit that I found this highly entertaining, to see these georges so frustrated that the two of them could not keep one fire out for more than a few seconds. At one point it seemed like the georges were going to get the better of me, when Taela’s spell lit not one, but three of the beacons. The one not engaged with me charged at her, while I killed mine and went to aid her.

When we secured the area, a third large George appeared, and we had to defeat it quickly. And destroy it we did. One fireball lit the area on fire, nothing for me to be squeamish at, however because he was so wounded and not immune to fire, Kal was barely able to get in and deal the creature one final blow of electric damage with his scimitar. I’ll have to hand it to him, it was definitely impressive. With its death, the tide was turned and both Vmack and Davith emerged victorious, and friends again. Davith withdrew his challenge, and we were able to learn something about what had happened in Auqua two years ago. I felt like an outsider in this conversation, I had not been investigating crystal technology, and in truth I had never thought about it as more than a tool to be used. A large crystal was harvested on the prison fortress in Auqua two years ago, creating a storm that ruined the territory. Surprisingly those on the island were okay, being in the eye of the storm. It was the creation of that very large crystal that has made Auqua into a wasteland. In all of this, Davith’s group released the pirate queen Grace, and then parted ways. This was where the story got confusing for me. Names were thrown around that I have never heard, people that I have never met but the rest of the group has.

Now I know that crystals can be harvested from killing people in some brutal manner. Depending on the person’s alignment, either a demon or an angel is released as a byproduct. This has been creating a demon infestation. I don’t like the idea of more demons, however murdering good people just for a power source is evil. There has to be another way of getting the crystals. If not, then there has to be another way to create progress without using a technology that requires so much evil. What kind of sick person would you have to be to have discovered this in the first place, let alone build an entire society around the crystals. The ancients are baffling. The Syndicate has been trying to use the ancients methods for harvesting crystals, and the assassins are tied closely to that group. This group I’m with needs to return to Civil to report to their superiors. Since that is where those two groups I’m investigating are based out of, it benefits me to travel there as well.

Strange Company in Saraghar

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