Sharyah's Journal

Damn Pirates, and my day was going so
well before. I got that interview without really putting anything on
my application, but I really felt that the little guild clerk did not
need to know anything about me. We have been sent down into the
sewers to find any sign of the Corruption summoning demons. So far
there’s just rats. Lots of filthy rats. The prison convict and I
seemed to get along well enough, and I can’t say that I was really
overly talkative with the other ones. I did manage to pull both the
convict and the goddamn pirate out of the sewage stream at the same
time, so now that little bitch owes me. The next cavern had some
pillars that turned out to be monsters, and many ambushes happened.
No one died though.

Entry 2
Of course the pirate, cowboy, and dwarf could not sneak. They cannot even breathe without drawing attention to themselves. The cavern in which the cultists were working was tiered with various sized ledges, one of which was enshrouded within darkness. Thanks to me newfound ninja trick, I was able to see a strange blob with many eyes fast asleep. As I had never seen anything of its ilk before and no one else within the group could see within the darkness, I decided to attempt a coup de grace. That did not bode overly well for the group, but luckily for me the only other person within the group that was able to see what exactly happened was the dwarf, who was engaged in combat or some such thing. It woke up and proceeded to grab me. The cultist priest managed to get it back to sleep, after which I proceeded to attack his henchmen. After he was basically defeated and claimed sanctuary, a mind control spell wore off or was released. Or so he says, I’m not entirely convinced. I was in favor of torturing the other two henchmen to get information out of them, however some within this group (mainly the pirate and cowboy) seem a little bit squeamish. The convict Taela seemed to at least agree with me. The girl that was rescued was a young elf, and the convict seems to have decided to become her protector for the time being. That filthy pirate will take advantage of any situation and of course is all over this seemingly naive adolescent girl, it’s a wonder she puts up with his brutish behavior. She claims to be the daughter of a wizard who has recently failed this priest in a school, though I think it strange that she was never reported missing in Frigus. All of the other prisoners from the cultists were dead within a laboratory. We ran into the engineers on our way out and proceeded to get paid by Cedric. Now we are headed for Frigus, a month long journey, to find out more information about these cultists since they seem to be coming from there. We will be escorting the young elf back with us as well. This will be interesting. Before we leave town, I need to restock my supplies and invest in some better weapons.

Entry 3
Two weeks of that unbearable confined coach with these people is making me want to kill something. At least that drunkard pirate was passed out for most of the time so that his pathetic advances toward Natalie were severely reduced. The silly thing seems to only be capable of mimicking Kal. She must have been hot one too many times on the head during her captivity.
Once we reached Frost Reach, there was not much to do. After a very quick wander through the bazaar I heard whisperings of nightly attacks. This intrigued me, if only for something to do other than to sit and sharpen my blades. When I rejoined the rest of the group at the inn, Taela informed us that the nightly attacks were conducted by a group dressed as pirates and calling themselves the Disciples of Gozreh. Evidently there were vegetable pygmies stealing supplies, though I thought the description of the thieves was silly to say the least. I just wanted an excuse to attack some pirates, seeing as to how I had to work with one.

That evening the pygmies did indeed attack, but then so did three bat people directed by what appeared to be a pirate captain. Kal didn’t stand a chance against this guy, one look at his blades and Kal went running away to everyone else. They seemed to be having a problem with the pygmies, though I don’t know why. They were easy to dispatch. The bats on the other hand were more of a nuisance. It appeared that their aim was to steal the refractor crystals out from each of the carages. And I hate to admit that one out of three of them got away. At least it had managed only one crystal, so the loss wasn’t great. Teala and Natalie both almost died in the attack, and here I thought Taela was made of tougher stuff. Way to reinforce stereotypes that elves are weak, although in Natalie’s case I believe this to be true.

The dead pirate was indeed carrying some token of Gozreh, so at least that part was true. However he was also marked by the Pirate Queen Grace. This seemed to greatly anger Kal, though it has now placed me in somewhat of a situation. I obviously hate the pirates and wish to kill them, however in doing so I will aid Kal, who is not an ally of Grace. This will then make me a circumstantial ally of a pirate, and we will have to continue to work together. The problem is that I cannot stand this human! Speaking of stereotypes, he most certainly reinforces those about pirates.

As I was pondering this, we decided to immediately go after the lone survivor of the raiding party. This brought us to a very creepy looking forest, and something began to talk to us. The dwarf believed it to be honest, and at the voice’s insistence he began to cross the river, and immediately stepped upon a mushroom that released spores that when inhaled allowed mind control. On the other side of this stream there was a spore monster, I’m presuming the source of the voice, and three goblins. After I crossed, I seemed to be the only one that could do any amount of damage against this spore creature. For a brief moment it was able to control my actions and I attacked Nemin then, however I do not feel bad as he had attacked me a moment earlier. I’m only sorry that I could not have damaged him more for that. By the time the battle was over, the trail was beginning to go cold. We decided upon a path after some debate, and decided not to split up the group.

Entry 4
What a shitty little adventure that was. I’m a bit pissed at some recent events with this group. And people. I’m really starting to despise certain people as well. We went into the swamp forest tracking the bat thing that had stolen one of the crystals, and ended up wandering in circles. We met one member of the merchant caravan that the crystal was stolen from, an elf from Frigus. I did not trust myself to lead the group at all, as woods are strange things to me. Eventually we came upon a fortress, which I successfully scouted out. At some point while I was doing this, Taela, Sabriel, and that new elf Kadzit let themselves be taken prisoner into the fortress. I hear one of them met someone that she had known, who then vouched for her.

Meanwhile the cowboy, pirate, Nemin, Natalie and myself decided to sneak to the back door. Nemin was the first to blunder, followed closely by the pirate. Both had to surrencer, amid much yelling to drop their weapons. At the back door I was about to kill the guard when Natalie decided to bulrush me. Of course my natural instinct when someone slams into me is to attack them, which is exactly what I did. Then that gods be damned cowboy shot me. Evidently they both see killing a sleeping guard as bad. I see it as a precaution to not being stabbed in the back, though the cowboy and elf girl will do that for you. Next time I may leave them behind when something like this needs to happen. Needless to say the gunshot was heard and we were taken prisoner.

In the prison we were only tied up, which was rather silly if you ask me. In no time I had my hands free and was getting to work on the lock to my cell when the guards came in again with Nemin and threw him into a nearby cell. I then caught one of the guards acting strange and pointed it out to the captain of the guards. Turns out that “guard” was in imposter caught stealing. This impressed the guards enough that we were all summoned to see the grand master Sam.

Sam was a little creepy looking to say the least, and in that meeting we learned that he had sent the bat things and the veggie people to steal from Frost Reach, as well as the now deceased pirate. The pirate and my explinations seemed to make Sam happy such that he offered us a place in his cult. As a group we declined the offer, but were at least given a free item. We then returned to Frost Reach with the news we all got a meager 50gp as a reward for our efforts and were sent on our way. I think for this part of the journey I am going to ride on top of the carriage and avoid being stuck inside with that goddamn cowboy and silly little elf. Maybe I can occupy myself in the evenings looking for some herbs and roots that I can use as poisons.

Entry 5
Made poisons en route to Sahdowspar Academy, and then once there we were approached by cultists who wanted us to disable the gates so that they could steal from the city as they had stolen from Frostreach. I do not trust these cultists in the least, and as I do not have a token of theirs, I am unable to receive any reward for any action to assist in this raid. After infiltrating the living quarters, Rhet was able to infiltrate the thugs that had been guarding Natalie’s father and learn that during the battle royal they will be working as a team to defeat all other competition. Evidently they really want some one on one time with one of the leaders of the academy. While this is going on, the number of guards will be severely reduced. This is when all of us not attending the battle will strike. This includes myself, Rhet, Nemin, and Sabriel.

On the day of the battle royal, we dispatched the guards with ease, myself claiming two of the kills. Once that was through, we were able to speak with Natalie’s father, Alexander. Evidently he used to be a member of the mafia and worked on extracting crystals from bodies. He admitted to this and being the summoner after making us promise to protect him. The byproduct of the extraction process is either angels or demons, depending on the test subject’s purity or lack thereof. The magic users of the group were able to get Natalie in to see the Frigus representative and she was able to plead her father’s case. Any judgment on him will take place after enough evidence has been examined, so at least he has more time than the fool back in Civil. I guess this is what happens when an actual government gets a hold of criminals versus the guild. We have a day to equip before we are to venture to the ruins to deal with the summoning cult.

Entry 6
Earlier today we entered the Shadowspar ruins, and I am not liking this. All of the monsters blow up after being destroyed, using up many of my healing potions. We have a basic map of the ruins, though I suspect there is much that has been omitted. I started to grow tiresome of the group, so I decided to take the two meat shields down one of the trapped hallways. This will at least entertain me, and I’m sure that they will not be perceptive enough to avoid all of the traps that I will clearly see. Perhaps I can hide and double back, making them believe that I am right in front of them when I see a particular interesting trap. After all, it would be interesting to see how these ancients defended their valuables.

Entry 7
Well this little escapade has been rather interesting, I am very much looking forward to going someplace warmer when this is over, even if that is Civil. After days in the ruins battling robots and saving prisoners, we discovered a construct and undead army just as it had left for Shadowspar. After taking a shortcut we reached the city before the army in time to mount a few defenses, however I was apprehensive that any of it would work. I was lucky enough to be assigned to a group of mercenaries who could at least function. With their aid I was able to stop a spy after Taela’s squad at least held it in place long enough for me to get close enough to shoot them down. After three days we infiltrated an enemy camp and gathered enough information to find the location of the necromancer woman. That battle was relatively short lived, and I never got my chance at her, though I was more than happy to relieve her of her armor after her demise. The leaders of Shadowspar will have to be content with her death. Perhaps others will be found who can be questioned. Maybe a look through her belongings will reveal some correspondence between her and those she was working with, or for.

Entry 8
Shortly after we all left Civil to investigate the unrest in Saraghar, we came across some people picking over passerby peasants. That was what we all initially thought, and in my disgust over being clung to by a pathetic Halfling I did not give his story a second thought. These traveling companions of mine are starting to wear on me and are making me weak. This halfling made up a story about how we was a part of a Gozreh settlement and that these bandits had more men attaching his home. Some of my traveling companions are somewhat attached to this cult, and they immediately wanted us to charge in to save them. There was truly a settlement. It was under attack. It was also a trap.
The attackers, including the halfling, sniper gunslingers, mages, melee fighters, other gunslingers, and a massive man with a Bombaro [RussianItalian according to Mike] accent, all are from a shadow society. This is the same that the necromancer (who we killed back in Shadowspar) was a part of. After maiming over 40 of the villagers, the group left the village, claiming that they didn’t want to kill us, only punish us for our past actions.
Afterwards, and before these people all died, we went to another set of ruins that Bruce had heard of. Once in there at the expense of one of my electrical traps, a basilisk and shocker lizards attacked us. Once the lizards were dealt with, we set to the puzzle to open the doors. Kadzit just started to press buttons, Nemin style, and one of the rooms collapsed. How stupid of her to not think this through. Of course the ancients made it somewhat of a puzzle, or else the ruins would have been ransacked long ago. We got the doors open, and procured multiple magical items of healing, minus the 30 potions that were crushed in that one room, a jar of lightning, and an amulet that Taela and Sabriel both could use to handle animals, or some such thing. I do not recall who ended up with it, though I did hand it to Taela. We returned to the village and healed almost everyone. My attempts to help were unsuccessful.
The next day the herald (Sovus) of the Guardian (Azela) visited the village and we were granted an audience with him. In this we learned a bit of history, most intriguing that these cultists have no memory of their past before two years ago. It would seem that they hail from the same prison that Grace escaped from two years ago at the start of the decay. The timing of this also happens to coincide with when tensions in Saraghar began.

Entry 9
Whatever happened to the plan of not killing a wyvern? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the poison, however my tactics would have varied greatly. I go in to steal the egg, while everyone else with the exception of Taela decided to just murder it. What a waste. Then that man Tomen has the audacity to judge us, when the poachers clearly attacked us first. What honor was there in these guys, if they were hunters I would not have cared, however they were not according to Tomen. I don’t see how he should care about their fate when he distinctly said poachers rather than rival hunters. Not that his opinion matters much anyway. He’s a paper pusher who sits and chats with friends and gets paid. A waste of resources if you ask me.

I have decided that I care for about the result of this civil war. I am leaning more toward Vmack, but only because he properly utilized resources to defend his people. If he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them then I can at least respect that. That still doesn’t mean that I like this place any more. They don’t take money, and their silly laws got me banned from this city. Now I must be a fugitive to get my business done. The sooner we get to the legendary blacksmith, the better.

Sharyah's Journal

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