Pebble Half-Pali

In this world there exists many a race of creatures, some large, some small, some even smaller…Pebble now he was a short one. Full of ambition full of devotion, this halfling started his life somewhere…probably somewhere where dwarves live. This is where his story begins.

Pebble always looked upon the dwarves with envious because for his entire life he lacked something the dwarves were born with…beards. Though he shant mention this to a soul, it is the sole source of his devotion. You may ask why this infatuation with beards might exist. One can only guess as Pebble’s case of “beard-envy” is unheard of. As a child halfing living amoungst dwarves, he was by far the shortest creature around. The dwarves didn’t really take to Pebble…that is all except for Brewbin “The Mound” Stonehill. Now brewbin was the fattest dwarf you had ever seen. Even as a child he would drink more ale than any other dwarf around. He got the nickname “The Mound” because he spent more time drunk on the ground as a big fat mound than he did standing.

Now Pebble met Brewbin completely on accident one day. He saw a mound on the ground with a giant beard type hair growing from it. Naturally, his “beard-envy” kicked in and he ended up nuzzling up in the giant beard. Pebble and Brewbin layed there for 4 days before either noticed the other. Why Brewbin didn’t get upset with finding this halfling on top of him, nobody knows. But we can speculate it was mostly due to extreme laziness and drunkenness. Since Pebble was not blatantly rejected, he clung to his beard buddy with a sad devotion rarely witnessed in nature.

Pebble was never much of a fighter in his youth. Since “The Mound” was so lazy, they didn’t really do much of anything. This left Pebble with a lot of time to envy the beard. After their first meeting he tried not to make it so obvious, but Brewbin was quite oblivious. For many years Pebble’s twisted devotion grew and changed and eventually mutated unto a physical manifestation.
Pebble found that he could use his devotion to the beard to gain supernatural powers. He devotion allowed him to protect him self and his bearded master from terrible dangers.

This was truly a remarkable feat to accomplish. Where did his power manifested from? He would like to think that he had in fact created a God, a holy essence of Beard. Now that just sounds ridiculous, but hes powers are still unexplained. Secretly Pebble named himself the Paladin of Beard, though to anyone else his best title would have to be Pebble the Half-Pali, half a man devoted to a half religion.

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Pebble Half-Pali

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