Nemin's Journal

Day 1 with the new crowd:
Weird people…no dwarves. Want new friends…Hopefully they don’t suck. Started out by heading to the sewers, sadly it felt more like home than anywhere in Civil. Punched some rats…that felt good, even though I fell in the water. My prosthetic arm came in handy though! Never can have too many arms haha. Soooo many rats though…I should have kept one to eat…I wonder if giant rats taste any better…or if sewer water adds flavor…maybe I could make a potion with them!

Also found some evil creatures floating on the ceiling further down the sewers. Annoying little bastards. I did save the wolf from some creature too. Oh yea a wolf following an elf. I saved that thing and no appreciation. Oh well we found some potions….nomnomnom those things so tasty. I even concocted some of my own after being manhandled by those creatures. I have to say, I feel like the most hardy of any of these companions. The druid looks almost frail.

About a month later:
It has been a while. So much work to do. Many things to discover. AN ARM!! I got a new one. As far as I can deduce it has something to do with some spore I came across. Working to refine. Must have MORE ARMS!!! Have been in some ancient ruins lately, I am most intrigued by the constructs here and the blueprints we have found. The young gunslinger has been a constant pique to my curiosity. I find my self intrigued with the thought of blacksmithing and engineering. Combined with my alchemical skills, surely I can come up with some contraptions no dwarf ever could! I don’t plan on leaving this ancient wonderland until I can scavenge all that I can.

On another note, it would seem most my party is reckless. They are going to get themselves killed. But so long as they don’t my payroll will surely be increasing. I’m not devious, I won’t hurt them for pleasure (well at least as long as I maintain my composure), I mean I saved them all from that bomb…no appreciation. Gosh, dwarf does everything, dwarf never respected…I think I have mastered bombs though. In quick research of the constructs I was even able to increase the potency of my own bombs. Just wait, things wont even know what hit em be it bomb or hammer.


  • Need to get helm of some kind, risk of getting chunks of flesh in face after hammertime is increasing. Chunks not taste good.
  • Learn more about blacksmithing and engineering. Make Rhett better friend
  • Make money from potions (charge ninja extra “convenience charge”)
  • Make MORE ARMS!!!

The next day:
I have done it! Or at least I have done something. I was able to decipher and create a potion based off of the wizard’s spellbook. This will help out in our discovery of the different blueprints we are finding in these ruins. So many different possibilities!
After another day of travel, I can sure say I have seen some things not many have seen. No the ninja trying to steal things does not count, nor does the ninja recklessly “dying” (I feel like there is plenty of that to come). But some frost elementals, wowza those were something. I must collect samples…who knows what secrets their corpses may hold! I must say, the bombs….OH THE BOMBS my experimentation paid off. The group requests another nights rest after the encounter with such creatures. I don’t blame them either, I will take the time to catch up on some research.

The battle is done. So much has happened. An army of undead and constructs. I cannot help but feel I could have prevented this all…if it weren’t for the voices telling me to stop. I could have stopped the constructs before they came to be…I shall place my blame on them, not I. A long fought battle, and I think it went as smoothly as you could have asked. The casualties were low and the enemy was vanquished. But why can I not feel at ease….Oh probably because of NO APPRECIATION…ever. How much more must a dwarf do for respect. for someone to say “Nemin…you saved us all…again, thank you”. I shall find my respect with those willing to give it. Little pebble and the ogre…some new “friends”. But in the small time I have known my “team”, the even smaller time I have known pebble and the ogre has warranted more respect. Rhett may be the only I could really relate to, if for the engineering spark he has given me. The IDEAS! One day…great things…

We were set up. Finally on our way to something new. To the mountains. Found a looter of corpses with his big mean wolves. The group decided to put an end to him. But those dogs had it out for my head somehow. Must be scare of Mountains HAHAHA. Saved a little man claiming to be a druid lover who took us back to a druid lover city where everything was being ransacked. It was a trap…not the worst thing, more of an annoyance. We survived and I felt less bruised there than in the jaws of the wolfzillas. Kept a pretty low profile, no heroics for Nemin today…well I guess i did take on the petrifying lizard, but what dwarf should be afraid of some stone, or more importantly what Mountain! We went to runs fought some lizards, got some treasure save the people blah blah blah blah blah. I did enjoy helping the people and I can’t say I dislike the druid lovers. We stayed the night and even learned more about their leader….now that made me lose respect. Don’t see it..I thought they were some druid god lovers, but apparently they follow the mortal known as the guardian angel…one without any magical knack from what I have heard. How absurd……but if no magical knack can get you this following, I wonder what the master of alchemy could muster….in time Nemin in time. They will know…the Mountain shall not fall…

Another victory
So long has it been. So many people saved. So much stuff. In Saraghar we basically saved the day again. Investigating a mountain, stopping a war, learning the fate of Aqua…the demons…always demons…The demons and the crystals. Not sure their connection, but it seems as if they can trap people inside of them. And they have connections with that mob. So I imagine we will run across them again soonish. Making the long journey back to civil now, but not sure to what purpose. The guild does not bother me, and I am ok continuing stuff with them until some greater purpose is established. So far their tasks for us have been somewhat linked, nothing targeting the source of the problems. I wonder if people have heard of the “Mad Mountain” much yet? Maybe Pebble could do some sort of advertising…that would amuse me.

New people. Where did they come from? Why did the others leave. Nevermind that I guess, hopefully they will be more open to my….eccentric nature. Investigating the mafia thats whats next. More like distractions from my alchemical stuff, but I suppose we might find some things of value. In fact I even just learned a little trick with my bombs. Ha, who knew you might be able to spit them out like fire. Experimentation, thats where its all at. But these new people, they are different…maybe not as useful? maybe not as weak? I do not know yet. I will help them, and accept them, so long as they don’t MAKE ME ANGRYYYYY. Gods the anger feels so good sometimes. The rush, the swing, the splat….Why didn’t i get into this stuff sooner?

Nemin's Journal

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