Missing Out

Ranissa always told herself she was happy in the city, but if that were true why did she find herself here again? She told herself she was happy with what she, Git, and Skeller were able to pull off, but it just wasn’t what she remembered. She knew what was missing, but she wouldn’t admit it. Rhet had been and gone once already and last she heard from him was a warning. She was happy for him, he finally got what he wanted. A member of the “Cold Warriors,” as the papers called him and his fellow guild members, Rhethorm Sootler was a name known throughout the city. Nothing the smaller crew had done could stand up to their past cons and all that was missing was one person. Even old scams didn’t cut it.

She told herself she was fine, just like she told herself that she didn’t miss her mother. She found herself staring at the sword again. It had been her mother’s before she left when she was young. She had some faint memories of the elven woman: tall with long blonde hair, a soft voice that could erupt into a fiery passion. She was an adventurer, never cut for city life, her father always told her. He always said that her mother was never coming back, and Ranissa told herself she was fine with that, but it always hurt a little every time she thought about it.

The sword hung on a the wall of a rarely used room above a chest with a few other effects. A cloak with a golden leaf pin, a bow and quiver, a sheath for the blade, and a few pieces of armor could be found inside. No one really came in here except for her when she would have been Rhet before he left and she found herself visiting more and more often. Was she missing out? The more she thought about it the more she wanted to follow Rhet, follow in her mother’s footsteps and maybe properly meet her mother. She knew the pained look on her father’s face every time he found her looking at the sword or talking about Rhet’s adventures. She couldn’t leave him behind like her mother had.

Could she?

Missing Out

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