Kadzit's Journal

Entry 1:

I stumbled upon a fairly odd looking bunch, but they were after the same idiot who took my crystal that I needed. If I didn’t return home with it, my sister would be crippled, and death almost assured. We followed the thief to a ruin system. Following the pirate or ninja was most certainly a horrible idea. Luckily, they both acknowledged their incompetence and usually choose the other way. The first time we ran into the spores from the mushrooms, it healed the party who was weakened. Out of the entire party, the gunslinger was the most damaged out of the entire party. His intelligence, common sense and health decreased dramatically. The druid never led us wrong, so it was just a matter of time before we came to the forest.

Beyond it was a fairly new city full of the disgusting bandits. The ninja went to scout the city and it took a while until we heard a ruckus from the city. While waiting, we looked closely at the city and say many pennants of Gozra, and the settlement much like one would have found in Aqua. I decided to take the initiative and walk towards the city.

After a brief conversation, we were able to gain entrance to the city, provided we handed over our weapons. Fools the lot of them, my components were not confiscated and my spells were at full strength. Walking through the town, a gunshot rang out through the air. The guard escorted us to a decent common house. One of the druid’s old friends greeted her, making the rest feel at ease. The reception to the two of us, on the other hand, was barely civil at best. We then left for the infirmary where we found Natalie, whom had been wounded by a curious exotic weapon. The chances and probability of both a weapon of that design and a gunshot going off was minuscule and practically nonexistent. Either the cowboy or the ninja were going to pay. One way or another.
We were then asked to meet the Grandmaster of the place, whose name was Sam, given by the

Guardian Angel. After talking to Sam, he offered us membership into his little cult. The pirate took us all aside after hearing the terms to discuss whether we would accept or not. Learning that they were stealing from Friggus, was a disappointment, but not unexpected. I would have to write home to increase the arms if trade would ever come to this area, or cease trade altogether. It would be a pity that the city and Frostreach Check Point would starve, but necessary for our clan’s survival. The Grandmaster’s supposed generosity, though blatant bribery would be more for the course, included a few trinkets of no supposed value. Freely given, there must be a catch.
We returned to Frostreach Checkpoint where we informed them that it was no mere bandit camp, but an actual city. We rested and then continued on our way to the Shadowspar Academy.

Kadzit's Journal

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