The New Adventures of SMAC

After losing some dear friends, picking up a new intern, and getting into an open rumble with the Syndicate in the park the group i struggling with the age old question of, where do we even go from here. Luckily for them their indecisiveness was interrupted by a knock at the door from a lovely young lady. She was in fact 18. The young lady introduces herself as the step-sister (half-sister?) of the groups old friend Sabriel. She also comes to the group with an interesting revelation that she no longer believes her mother, Niobi, to be her actually mother. This is relieving news for the group who could have been entertaining succubi spawn in their parlor. The potential to not be succubi spawn was particularly relieving for Rhet and Kal, because she is in fact 18. Unfortuneately for Kal she revealed that the only potential lead she has on her real mother is an amulet bearing the symbol of Pirate Queen Grace and a letter warning Niobi to keep Olivia hidden from Elika and her gang. Olivia, who recently escaped from house arrest placed on her by Niobi, attaches herself to SMAC hoping that her sister’s companions could perhaps help her find out who she is.

Unfortuneately for Olivia the group cannot pass up the chance of someone potentially being able to sneak them into the Renwick estate and into Niobi’s office. Olivia must be too kind of a soul because she agreed to return with her new companions to the very same place she escaped just that morning. The group quickly learned the subtle isn’t very high in the list of words that would describe them. They do also learn of Rhet’s judgmental pedophile ways. Eventually everyone made it into the estate one way or another, mostly due to Olivia’s fantastic stealth tumbling skills and Kal’s ability to blow himself up. Only one of them being in chains really isn’t so bad. Everyone except for the mildly insane Kal made it into Niobi’s office where they were able to lift some pretty incriminating evidence as well as find a hidden door down to the very dungeons Kal was being beaten in. So with Olivia safely in tow, evidence in hand, and Kal freed of his chains the group was trapped in the dungeon with guards blocking the only two exits. Having used just about every trick available to them to get in the group seemed at a minor loss of how to pull off the miracle of getting out. That is all except Nemin who simply pulled out a small silvery vial smiled and tossed it on the ground. A portal appeared and without hesitation the party stepped through to arrive in the burned out ruins of Don Barondino’s estate. Rather pleased with themselves the group returned to their home and relaxed for the night.

Apparently though, some of the groups tactics the day before may be considered against the law in the eyes of some people. Mainly the people in charge of punishing the people who break the law. The group was met in the morning with news that the Renwick estate was charging them with a slough of outlandish claims of a variety of illegal activities that they completely were guilty of committing. Luckily due to the Sootler Mountain Adventuring Companies recent save of the entire city of Civil and their rising celebrity the group is being given special treatment of sorts. Instead of making a scandal of this and sending guards to bring the group into custody (plus what poor guard would get that job! Do you really want to be the guy who arrests the Mad Mountain?) they were politely asked to attend a tribunal to address the charges. Doubting their ability to lie well under oath the group sought out the services of the best defense lawyer in the city.

I formally apologize for the multitude of misspellings and egregious grammatical errors. Please edit, add to, or finish this adventure log.

The End of the First Chapter

The Group has encountered a hellish nightmare of a secret manifesting in the form of a demon’s nest under the Civil city center surrounding the largest crystal in Civil. You managed to defeat the loose creatures and seal the area up once again. You also managed to keep Richard from apprehending any more Corruption members and even managed to befriend Bernard and his twin brother Barabbas. However, by staying neutral, you managed to get fired essentially from the Civil guild. In light of your recent heroics you were allowed to keep your guild hall and you retain your fame, but you lost many of the resources of the guild you enjoyed once before.
Now that you no longer have the guild breathing down your neck about quest deadlines, you are able to pursue your own goals. Your group has decided to target the Syndicate that has been tailing you throughout this journey making life difficult. Don Barnendino is your main target, but he has been in hiding ever since his home went up in flames due to mysterious circumstances. With nothing but a cold trail, you decide to wait and see if the Syndicate comes to you.
It does not take long for the Syndicate to reach out to you, for after only a few weeks, you are contacted by a Nicholas Trader to discuss the terms of a partnership. Despite a daring performance, Kal’s bluff was seen through and the battle began. Nicholas removed himself from the battle unharmed but you are able to dispatch the rest of the gangsters at the cheers of the nearby audience. Now that the enemy has revealed themselves, it is time to act!

Rush Rush Rush

Tensions are mounting as you arrive in Civil and find that the Corruption have hijacked a power plant and removed a large section of Civil off of the grid leaving thousands of people without power. The hospitals are failing, the water source is not being purified, and the district is shrouded in darkness. You are asked to retrieve a new power source from a ruin that had been quarantined due to an infestation of beasts that seem to be able to live a long time with no food or water. You manage to kill the beasts and secure the crystal. Despite the warning of exposure, you let a man out of the ruins. The man seems to be from the ancients times, preserved in an alien cocoon.

You rush to the scene of the power plant and meet the massive man known as Richard “The Dragon Heart” Tarski. He gruffly greets you and tells you that the power plant is full of enemies and that you need to rush in and take the main power room. You take to your mission and along the way your cart is heavily damage from the traps and enemies in your way, but your group manages to keep it together until the last room.

Once in the last room you met with a leader of the Corruption named Trayton and his companion Aarrows. Trayton spoke to geode you into a difficult battle that left your group hurting, but in the end you managed to secure the room. After meeting up with Richard, you see his methods for extracting information from the enemy. Though extreme, you did learn that the whole attack on the plant was an elaborate setup to allow a few corruption leaders to attack a more important crystal location. Richard explains to you that if this location is disturbed, it could lead to the end of Civil completely.

The Battle for Control

The battle is over and the wardens won. The wardens lived, even though they were blind to their enemy until the last possible moment. Your team was able to defeat the threat of the mysterious beast and save Saraghar from civil war, but you have set Saraghar up with potential war with Alipotrypa. The leaders are deliberating now on how to handle the treachery of the Line Arc Company and how to handle the potential war brewing. An emergency meeting of the Terrestria representatives was called in Civil to discuss the recent events and upheaval. A decision has yet to be made on what to do.
Meanwhile, the group has finally learned the truth behind the great decay and learned a little bit more about the crystal technology, but not enough to truly know their origin and purpose. It would seem that the only way to prepare for the future is to learn about the past. The ancient civilization may hold the clues to unlocking the truth.
Your team heads back to your HQ in Civil, each of you with more questions than answers then when you started this journey. You did receive many wondrous gifts from the Saraghar people for stopping the war. Vest of Escape, druids vestments, Slippers of spider climbing, Scarab of golem bane, and a jar of restorative ointment. You also get 2,135 xp for the whole battle.
The trip back is fairly uneventful and you have 26 days worth of travel time before reaching your destination.

Long Over Due

The Group went to Frigus to investigate the Cult and find out their true intensions. You arrive in a small outpost where you were assaulted by a group known as the Disciples of Gozrah who follow a person named the Guardian Angel. You followed the Disciples back to their fortress where you met with their leader Sam and learned that they were not as bad as you thought, but they are not to be completely trusted. You make your way to the ShadowSpar academy to participate in the festival while you storm the room of one of the teachers involved with the cult. It turns out that the Cult is the Mafia and they are using highly illegal magic to extract refractor crystals from bodies. You follow the Mafia back to their lair in the Shadowspar Ruins where you uncover a plot to reactivate the machines in the ruins to mass produce war mechs to march on the City. You successfully navigate the ruins and return to Shadowspar to warn Adrie Shava, the representative of Frigus, about the impending doom heading their way. Your group bands together to take on the army and successfully defeat the mechs and their leader Terracore, a member of the shadow casters.

You return to Civil after a party and some well earned rest to hear about another event that needs your attention. The leader and representative of Saraghar, Vimak Mountianrunner has declared war on his long time friend and partner, Davith Nightwalker. You have been tasked to find the cause of the dispute and settle their disagreements. On your trip to Saraghar you were assaulted by a group of brigands who you learn to be agents of the Shadow Casters, a group of assassins who have been hired by the mafia to hinder and hurt you group and anyone associated with you. As a result, a Gozrah settlement was nearly raised, until you stepped in and saved the day. After your detour to the camp you finally arrive in the capital City of Oo’Talah where to meet with Vimack you need to participate in the Hunt. You spend some time gathering information to learn about the whereabouts of a wyvern that needs to be taken care of. You swoop in and kill the wyvern and take its egg back to the city. You meet with Vimak and learn about a weird creature that the Saraghar have taken in and have been training. The Beasts seem to have a negative effect on the inhabitants, but only your group seems to notice. Before you leave, the guild representative Tomic was brutally assaulted by one of the beasts, contrary to the belief that the beasts were tame.

You go to the Worlds Crown, the tallest peak on the continent to investigate the appearance of the beasts. You find the legendary black smith Reldef, who promptly attacks you. You are able to subdue him and his apprentices with little bloodshed. Also during the battle you are assaulted by Lalaren, a member of the Shadow Casters and one of the people from the Gozrah village. The unpopular ninja also went rogue on the group and left. Little is known of her true intentions. You continue to investigate the ruins to find a nursery full of baby beasts. You quickly dispatch the babies and continue to explore…

The Cold Warriors

The results of the battle are in. You have successfully defended Shadowspar from the onslaught of Mechs and undead. The moment you defeated Terracore, a spell was lift causing all of the Mechs to power down and the undead to fall to dust. The demons fled and are still at large. The losses on your side were small with only about 600 casualties and about 150 dead. You also notice that despite the amount of energy use in the beam attacks, the crystal at the top of the tower is glowing brighter than it was before as if something is fueling it. When you meet up with Adrie and Natalie, Adrie looks pale and weak while Natalie looks excited to see you. It turns out using those concentrated blasts from the crystal nearly killed Adrie, but you managed to use them sparingly.
For your gallant actions you are recognized by Adrie as Representative of Frigus and council member of the guild. She bestows on your group the full title of guild members. Your team also received the help of Bruce as a full time navigator and Cedric as your personal guild officer. You also get a house to set up your headquarters in Civil. There you will have enough rooms to put up 20 people total and a secure place to store valuables and set up your craft stations. You can remodel as you please but any extra will cost your own money. You also get to register your companies Name with the guild. Please let us know when you decided on a name. now for individual awards:

Kaldur’ahm, for your selfless act of putting yourself in certain peril you are awarded with a coffer of 1000gp and 2 living potion of cure light wounds (this special potion senses you HP and when you drop below 1 HP this potion automatically activates and cures you from 0HP to 1d8+1).

Sabriel, for your ability to remain calm and collected even in intense situations you are awarded with Boots of Elvenkind (+5 to all acrobatic checks)

Sharyah, for your innate ability to infiltrate the enemy territory you are awarded the Hat of Disguise (which looks like a cavalier hat) (can cast disguise self) and a coffer of 500 gold.

Taela, for you compassion to all in battle, enemies and allies alike and never letting your friends down you are awarded with a ring of feather falling and a coffer of 800 gold.

Kadzit, for your continued exemplary service you’re your countrymen you are awarded with a lesser metamagic rod of silence (you can cast up to 3 level 3 or below spells without verbal components.

Rhethorm, with your knowledge of the enemy we bestow on you a tome of ancient knowledge (+5 on all ancient language checks and engineering check involving the ancient technology) and a coffer of 500 gold

Nemin, for you god like strength on the battlefield you are allowed to scribe a potion recipe from our vault (you can learn a free recipe) and a coffer of 1000 gold, half of which will go directly to the families of the people you purposefully killed in battle
More at the next session.

4/5- Now that we are level 5 we have some interesting crafting options available to us. Check out the new Wiki pages so we can know what to make for ourselves.

From the Depths

The final room in the sewers was once again infested, but not with rats or monsters, but by people in the midst of seemingly nefarious schemes. After more witty banter between the only members of the party incapable of sneaking a fight broke out, one that would prove to be much more difficult than the last couple of encounters. With a firing line of archers at the top of the hill and a powerful cleric to support them with a few melee fighters to knock down any potential enemies, the defense was near unbeatable, which caused our party to almost lose faith at one point. It was that or the magically incurred effects of the cleric.
About half way through the battle, the ninja found a sleeping monstrosity among the darkness. She attempted to silence the creature before it would even have a chance to attack with a Coup de Grace. Little did she know that the creature had no discernible weak points which lead to it waking up and shirking. The sound caused all of the archers to lose formation and give some of our hero’s a chance to scale the wall and press the attack. After a hard fought battle, our hero’s came out victorious, and with a little help from Dormont, they were able to retreat back to the surface without any trouble.
You successfully captured the cleric Mattick, and two of his mercenary crew. You also managed to rescue a young Elvin girl named Natalie who is the daughter of a teacher from Frigus. Your journey now leads you on a month long trip Frigus to continue to investigate the cult.
Sharyah, Taela, Rhet, Nemin can claim 10 bonus points for sending me a summery before I was able to post this.

Down into the Sewers

Our story begins in a waiting room with our heroes sitting listening to bad music and eyeing each other suspiciously. The time comes when the receptionist calls them all by name and asks them to step into the office of the Guild trainer Cedric Paddington, a male human who looks to be in his late 30s or early 40s. It seems your group is made up of the most eclectic of people from all walks of life, many of which may clash, but you must work together in order to pass the guild tests.
After a brief introduction you are assigned your first mission; go into the sewers and remove the members of a cult thought to be attempting to summon demons to this world. As you approach your destination you find a Dwarf by the name of Dormont, one of the top engineers in Civil who gives you further instructions before you begin your mission.
Your mission begins with entering the darkness of the stench filled sewers where you are immediately welcomed by a swarm of rats and a rushing filth stream. Our heroes are left with two options, either cross the stream or be overwhelmed by the rodents. it was in the face of great danger when the pirate and the barbarian were soon to be swept away into the darkness when the masked ninja musters up a great strength, while risking her own life, saves the lives of her companions. After safely reaching the other side of the sewer our heroes move down into the next level.
The group moves into the next section of the sewers where they are assaulted by monster hanging all over the walls and ceiling. To make matters worse, the ground is divided up by unstable catwalks and fast moving water. Battered and bruised, the group makes it through the cave to the end where they find a heap of corpses but no sign of any cultist, or any live people in general. There is one door ahead of them, what will be on the other side to great them?

Teala and Sharyah can each claim 10 Bonus points for sending me summaries before I was able to post this.

First session

Your journeys will begin on November 15th at 7:30 pm at Nick and Katy’s place. Please have you character information to me by Monday next week so I have enough time to prepare. You will be introduced to each other in one of the Guild Halls in the Civil territory. Your first quest will be to investigate suspicious activities by a new cult. Summoning creatures from different plains is not illegal, however, if you are caught with an evil outsider in your company, you will be arrested on the grounds of improper use of summons. This cult is accused of preforming these illegal summons and it will be your job to investigate the occurrences before any charges can be placed. Lethal force is allowed, but we would prefer if you would take captives when the options arises. Good Luck and i hope your first mission is a success.

Next step

We are now Gearing up for the start of the campaign. Everyone is rolling their characters and preparing back stories and motivations. The start of this campaign will be in Civil where you will be assigned an adventure party to take on quests from the Guild. The first session will be one of two days. either November 13 or 15 at 7:30pm and I intend to wrap up at 11pm. please send me an email voting on which day you prefer. Also, please input your characters into this program so I can have an idea of what kind of party I am dealing with. See you all soon!


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