Natalie Kazimir


Level 1 Sorcerer, Level 2 Cleric
DEX 16
INT 15
WIS 13
CHA 12

HP 17
AC 15 (3 dex + 1 Amulet of armor+1 + dodge bonus), touch 14, flatfoot 11
Fort 1, Ref 3, Will 7
Short bow: +3 1d6
Rapier: -1 1d8-2

Spells: Sorcerer lvl 0; Message, read magic, Mage hand, Mending lvl1; Disguise Self, Expeditious retreat
Cleric lvl 0; Virtue, Stabilize, Guidance lvl 1; Tap Inner Beauty, cure light wounds, Inflict light wounds.
Channel Healing: 1d6
Feats; Heighten Spell, Dodge


Natalie is the daughter of Alexander Kazimir, a prestigious teacher at the ShadowSpar academy in Frigus. She was mysteriously captured one day and taken all the way deep into Civil sewers and was nearly a subject to horrific experiments until she was rescued by the band of guild mates. She is a very intelligent girl who can be headstrong and bratty. She is infatuated with Kal, hence her attempt to look like him with a swash buckler outfit she bought before leaving for Frigus. She also wields a rapier (abet poorly) to emulate him. She also sees Taela as a mother/big sister figure and respects her opinion a lot (unless it is about Kal).

After all of the event encompassing the war and the ruins, Natalie has grown a lot since the group first found her. She is more confident and helpful and soon she will be more powerful after a year of training with Adrie, the Representative of Frigus.

Natalie Kazimir

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