The New Adventures of SMAC

After losing some dear friends, picking up a new intern, and getting into an open rumble with the Syndicate in the park the group i struggling with the age old question of, where do we even go from here. Luckily for them their indecisiveness was interrupted by a knock at the door from a lovely young lady. She was in fact 18. The young lady introduces herself as the step-sister (half-sister?) of the groups old friend Sabriel. She also comes to the group with an interesting revelation that she no longer believes her mother, Niobi, to be her actually mother. This is relieving news for the group who could have been entertaining succubi spawn in their parlor. The potential to not be succubi spawn was particularly relieving for Rhet and Kal, because she is in fact 18. Unfortuneately for Kal she revealed that the only potential lead she has on her real mother is an amulet bearing the symbol of Pirate Queen Grace and a letter warning Niobi to keep Olivia hidden from Elika and her gang. Olivia, who recently escaped from house arrest placed on her by Niobi, attaches herself to SMAC hoping that her sister’s companions could perhaps help her find out who she is.

Unfortuneately for Olivia the group cannot pass up the chance of someone potentially being able to sneak them into the Renwick estate and into Niobi’s office. Olivia must be too kind of a soul because she agreed to return with her new companions to the very same place she escaped just that morning. The group quickly learned the subtle isn’t very high in the list of words that would describe them. They do also learn of Rhet’s judgmental pedophile ways. Eventually everyone made it into the estate one way or another, mostly due to Olivia’s fantastic stealth tumbling skills and Kal’s ability to blow himself up. Only one of them being in chains really isn’t so bad. Everyone except for the mildly insane Kal made it into Niobi’s office where they were able to lift some pretty incriminating evidence as well as find a hidden door down to the very dungeons Kal was being beaten in. So with Olivia safely in tow, evidence in hand, and Kal freed of his chains the group was trapped in the dungeon with guards blocking the only two exits. Having used just about every trick available to them to get in the group seemed at a minor loss of how to pull off the miracle of getting out. That is all except Nemin who simply pulled out a small silvery vial smiled and tossed it on the ground. A portal appeared and without hesitation the party stepped through to arrive in the burned out ruins of Don Barondino’s estate. Rather pleased with themselves the group returned to their home and relaxed for the night.

Apparently though, some of the groups tactics the day before may be considered against the law in the eyes of some people. Mainly the people in charge of punishing the people who break the law. The group was met in the morning with news that the Renwick estate was charging them with a slough of outlandish claims of a variety of illegal activities that they completely were guilty of committing. Luckily due to the Sootler Mountain Adventuring Companies recent save of the entire city of Civil and their rising celebrity the group is being given special treatment of sorts. Instead of making a scandal of this and sending guards to bring the group into custody (plus what poor guard would get that job! Do you really want to be the guy who arrests the Mad Mountain?) they were politely asked to attend a tribunal to address the charges. Doubting their ability to lie well under oath the group sought out the services of the best defense lawyer in the city.

I formally apologize for the multitude of misspellings and egregious grammatical errors. Please edit, add to, or finish this adventure log.


michkell101 Nymerias

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