The End of the First Chapter

The Group has encountered a hellish nightmare of a secret manifesting in the form of a demon’s nest under the Civil city center surrounding the largest crystal in Civil. You managed to defeat the loose creatures and seal the area up once again. You also managed to keep Richard from apprehending any more Corruption members and even managed to befriend Bernard and his twin brother Barabbas. However, by staying neutral, you managed to get fired essentially from the Civil guild. In light of your recent heroics you were allowed to keep your guild hall and you retain your fame, but you lost many of the resources of the guild you enjoyed once before.
Now that you no longer have the guild breathing down your neck about quest deadlines, you are able to pursue your own goals. Your group has decided to target the Syndicate that has been tailing you throughout this journey making life difficult. Don Barnendino is your main target, but he has been in hiding ever since his home went up in flames due to mysterious circumstances. With nothing but a cold trail, you decide to wait and see if the Syndicate comes to you.
It does not take long for the Syndicate to reach out to you, for after only a few weeks, you are contacted by a Nicholas Trader to discuss the terms of a partnership. Despite a daring performance, Kal’s bluff was seen through and the battle began. Nicholas removed himself from the battle unharmed but you are able to dispatch the rest of the gangsters at the cheers of the nearby audience. Now that the enemy has revealed themselves, it is time to act!


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