The Cold Warriors

The results of the battle are in. You have successfully defended Shadowspar from the onslaught of Mechs and undead. The moment you defeated Terracore, a spell was lift causing all of the Mechs to power down and the undead to fall to dust. The demons fled and are still at large. The losses on your side were small with only about 600 casualties and about 150 dead. You also notice that despite the amount of energy use in the beam attacks, the crystal at the top of the tower is glowing brighter than it was before as if something is fueling it. When you meet up with Adrie and Natalie, Adrie looks pale and weak while Natalie looks excited to see you. It turns out using those concentrated blasts from the crystal nearly killed Adrie, but you managed to use them sparingly.
For your gallant actions you are recognized by Adrie as Representative of Frigus and council member of the guild. She bestows on your group the full title of guild members. Your team also received the help of Bruce as a full time navigator and Cedric as your personal guild officer. You also get a house to set up your headquarters in Civil. There you will have enough rooms to put up 20 people total and a secure place to store valuables and set up your craft stations. You can remodel as you please but any extra will cost your own money. You also get to register your companies Name with the guild. Please let us know when you decided on a name. now for individual awards:

Kaldur’ahm, for your selfless act of putting yourself in certain peril you are awarded with a coffer of 1000gp and 2 living potion of cure light wounds (this special potion senses you HP and when you drop below 1 HP this potion automatically activates and cures you from 0HP to 1d8+1).

Sabriel, for your ability to remain calm and collected even in intense situations you are awarded with Boots of Elvenkind (+5 to all acrobatic checks)

Sharyah, for your innate ability to infiltrate the enemy territory you are awarded the Hat of Disguise (which looks like a cavalier hat) (can cast disguise self) and a coffer of 500 gold.

Taela, for you compassion to all in battle, enemies and allies alike and never letting your friends down you are awarded with a ring of feather falling and a coffer of 800 gold.

Kadzit, for your continued exemplary service you’re your countrymen you are awarded with a lesser metamagic rod of silence (you can cast up to 3 level 3 or below spells without verbal components.

Rhethorm, with your knowledge of the enemy we bestow on you a tome of ancient knowledge (+5 on all ancient language checks and engineering check involving the ancient technology) and a coffer of 500 gold

Nemin, for you god like strength on the battlefield you are allowed to scribe a potion recipe from our vault (you can learn a free recipe) and a coffer of 1000 gold, half of which will go directly to the families of the people you purposefully killed in battle
More at the next session.

4/5- Now that we are level 5 we have some interesting crafting options available to us. Check out the new Wiki pages so we can know what to make for ourselves.


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