The Battle for Control

The battle is over and the wardens won. The wardens lived, even though they were blind to their enemy until the last possible moment. Your team was able to defeat the threat of the mysterious beast and save Saraghar from civil war, but you have set Saraghar up with potential war with Alipotrypa. The leaders are deliberating now on how to handle the treachery of the Line Arc Company and how to handle the potential war brewing. An emergency meeting of the Terrestria representatives was called in Civil to discuss the recent events and upheaval. A decision has yet to be made on what to do.
Meanwhile, the group has finally learned the truth behind the great decay and learned a little bit more about the crystal technology, but not enough to truly know their origin and purpose. It would seem that the only way to prepare for the future is to learn about the past. The ancient civilization may hold the clues to unlocking the truth.
Your team heads back to your HQ in Civil, each of you with more questions than answers then when you started this journey. You did receive many wondrous gifts from the Saraghar people for stopping the war. Vest of Escape, druids vestments, Slippers of spider climbing, Scarab of golem bane, and a jar of restorative ointment. You also get 2,135 xp for the whole battle.
The trip back is fairly uneventful and you have 26 days worth of travel time before reaching your destination.


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