Rush Rush Rush

Tensions are mounting as you arrive in Civil and find that the Corruption have hijacked a power plant and removed a large section of Civil off of the grid leaving thousands of people without power. The hospitals are failing, the water source is not being purified, and the district is shrouded in darkness. You are asked to retrieve a new power source from a ruin that had been quarantined due to an infestation of beasts that seem to be able to live a long time with no food or water. You manage to kill the beasts and secure the crystal. Despite the warning of exposure, you let a man out of the ruins. The man seems to be from the ancients times, preserved in an alien cocoon.

You rush to the scene of the power plant and meet the massive man known as Richard “The Dragon Heart” Tarski. He gruffly greets you and tells you that the power plant is full of enemies and that you need to rush in and take the main power room. You take to your mission and along the way your cart is heavily damage from the traps and enemies in your way, but your group manages to keep it together until the last room.

Once in the last room you met with a leader of the Corruption named Trayton and his companion Aarrows. Trayton spoke to geode you into a difficult battle that left your group hurting, but in the end you managed to secure the room. After meeting up with Richard, you see his methods for extracting information from the enemy. Though extreme, you did learn that the whole attack on the plant was an elaborate setup to allow a few corruption leaders to attack a more important crystal location. Richard explains to you that if this location is disturbed, it could lead to the end of Civil completely.


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