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We are now Gearing up for the start of the campaign. Everyone is rolling their characters and preparing back stories and motivations. The start of this campaign will be in Civil where you will be assigned an adventure party to take on quests from the Guild. The first session will be one of two days. either November 13 or 15 at 7:30pm and I intend to wrap up at 11pm. please send me an email voting on which day you prefer. Also, please input your characters into this program so I can have an idea of what kind of party I am dealing with. See you all soon!


I would not be available on the 13th for school reasons, but I would be available for the 15th.

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P.S. We would be willing to host at our place just because we have a larger table that has a better chance of seating 8. As long as people aren’t allergic to dog hair.

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