From the Depths

The final room in the sewers was once again infested, but not with rats or monsters, but by people in the midst of seemingly nefarious schemes. After more witty banter between the only members of the party incapable of sneaking a fight broke out, one that would prove to be much more difficult than the last couple of encounters. With a firing line of archers at the top of the hill and a powerful cleric to support them with a few melee fighters to knock down any potential enemies, the defense was near unbeatable, which caused our party to almost lose faith at one point. It was that or the magically incurred effects of the cleric.
About half way through the battle, the ninja found a sleeping monstrosity among the darkness. She attempted to silence the creature before it would even have a chance to attack with a Coup de Grace. Little did she know that the creature had no discernible weak points which lead to it waking up and shirking. The sound caused all of the archers to lose formation and give some of our hero’s a chance to scale the wall and press the attack. After a hard fought battle, our hero’s came out victorious, and with a little help from Dormont, they were able to retreat back to the surface without any trouble.
You successfully captured the cleric Mattick, and two of his mercenary crew. You also managed to rescue a young Elvin girl named Natalie who is the daughter of a teacher from Frigus. Your journey now leads you on a month long trip Frigus to continue to investigate the cult.
Sharyah, Taela, Rhet, Nemin can claim 10 bonus points for sending me a summery before I was able to post this.


michkell101 Nymerias

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