First session

Your journeys will begin on November 15th at 7:30 pm at Nick and Katy’s place. Please have you character information to me by Monday next week so I have enough time to prepare. You will be introduced to each other in one of the Guild Halls in the Civil territory. Your first quest will be to investigate suspicious activities by a new cult. Summoning creatures from different plains is not illegal, however, if you are caught with an evil outsider in your company, you will be arrested on the grounds of improper use of summons. This cult is accused of preforming these illegal summons and it will be your job to investigate the occurrences before any charges can be placed. Lethal force is allowed, but we would prefer if you would take captives when the options arises. Good Luck and i hope your first mission is a success.


michkell101 michkell101

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