Down into the Sewers


Our story begins in a waiting room with our heroes sitting listening to bad music and eyeing each other suspiciously. The time comes when the receptionist calls them all by name and asks them to step into the office of the Guild trainer Cedric Paddington, a male human who looks to be in his late 30s or early 40s. It seems your group is made up of the most eclectic of people from all walks of life, many of which may clash, but you must work together in order to pass the guild tests.
After a brief introduction you are assigned your first mission; go into the sewers and remove the members of a cult thought to be attempting to summon demons to this world. As you approach your destination you find a Dwarf by the name of Dormont, one of the top engineers in Civil who gives you further instructions before you begin your mission.
Your mission begins with entering the darkness of the stench filled sewers where you are immediately welcomed by a swarm of rats and a rushing filth stream. Our heroes are left with two options, either cross the stream or be overwhelmed by the rodents. it was in the face of great danger when the pirate and the barbarian were soon to be swept away into the darkness when the masked ninja musters up a great strength, while risking her own life, saves the lives of her companions. After safely reaching the other side of the sewer our heroes move down into the next level.
The group moves into the next section of the sewers where they are assaulted by monster hanging all over the walls and ceiling. To make matters worse, the ground is divided up by unstable catwalks and fast moving water. Battered and bruised, the group makes it through the cave to the end where they find a heap of corpses but no sign of any cultist, or any live people in general. There is one door ahead of them, what will be on the other side to great them?

Teala and Sharyah can each claim 10 Bonus points for sending me summaries before I was able to post this.


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